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Ella B. Candles - Clifton Neighborhood Line

Ella B. Candles - Clifton Neighborhood Line

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• 100% pure soy wax
• Cotton wick
• Hand-poured
• Made in the USA
• Clean burning (compared to paraffin)
• Long lasting (compared to paraffin)
• Gift packaged (box with bow)

This size (11oz) has 60+ hour burn time

Fragrance Notes:

Spring in Clifton: Currant, Cassis & Rose

Summer in Clifton: Sea Mist & Jasmine

Autumn in Clifton: Pumpkin, Ginger & Clove (same scent as in 'Harvest Moon')

Twilight in Clifton: Sandalwood & Cashmere

Historic Clifton: Grapefruit, Citrus & Evergreen

Main Street Clifton: Mandarin Orange & Vanilla

Friday in the Park: Amber, Musk & Sage

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